Serious products for industrial automation and robotization

The history of our company goes back to 2008 (originally Skonstrukce) and it is our almost 20 year experience of our team which gives us the capability to effectively design a suitable solutions for your production. Expert view of the context in complex production lines is what we like and we always search for the optimal way to the target we need to achieve. You can rely on us.

Phase 1


Consultation with customer and user

Detailed technical specifications

Phase 2


Construction and development

Solution principles verification

Production documentation

Simulations and prototypes

Phase 3


Production supply and management

Device installation

Testing and certification

Phase 4


Installation on customer’s site

Operator training


Phase 5


Regular inspections

Post-warranty service

Complete equipment supplies

We carry out development and design work in the field of general engineering, single-purpose machines, hydraulic and pneumatic machines, automation, assembly workplaces and assembly fixtures, welding fixtures, manipulators, and other special equipment.

Everything from the initial design of the concept to complete technical documentation and, where applicable, we provide the production of prototypes or serial production of devices.

Our Expertise

Study creation, design of alternative solutions

  Mechanical structures and materials
  Digital, microprocessor and analog electronics
  Optics, optoelectronics, optical sensors and camera systems
  Software development
  Physical process simulations using Matlab Simulink
  3D visualization and virtual reality for system presentations, training for operation and service
  Functional modeling using UML / SysML

Mechanical construction

  Development tools: Developments in the CAD system Creo
  Rapid prototyping: We own three 3D printers for rapid prototyping and final products
  Documentation: We supply design including complete documentation – models, drawings, BOMs, budget

Control system design

  Software for PLC (SCL, STL)
  Graphical interface HMI design
  Process visualisation

Control SW development

–  PLC Siemens application
–  Decentralized units Siemens, Festo, Phoenix Contact…

–  Servo and stepper engines/motors application
–  Pneumatic actuators
–  Construction of manipulators with multiple degrees of leeway

  Scanning technology
–  Application of conventional sensors used in the industry
–  Special sensors development

  Special electronics development
–  Special control modules design and production
–  PCB development
–  Special microprocessor modules and gate arrays
–  Wireless communication Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, NFC

Benefits for you

Safety and simple operation

From the initial phase we design our systems to be safe for operation and equipment. At the same time we strive for simplicity and automated solution of error corrections originating in the production process without operator intervention.

Complete or partial solutions

We provide complete service including project management, analysis and prototypes, design of mechanics, electronics and pneumatics, SW development for PLC, machine and equipment production, installation and service.

Modular systems

We tend to use effectively our models developed and tested during previous projects. Thanks to our own module solutions such as feeding and parts orientation we become independent of other suppliers which helps us quickly achieve system design.

Innovative approach

We have broad theoretical background and experience in many related industry fields. Since we are relatively young company in the scope of automation, we are able to see the challenges from unbiased and innovative perspective.

Clients and partners